As Primary Course Instructor:

In summer 2018 I was the course instructor for Bioethics (PHL281) at the University of Toronto. Here is my syllabus:


For the 2019-2020 Academic year, I am serving as Lead Writing TA (LWTA) for the Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto, under the supervision of Professor Andrea Williams. The philosophy LWTA serves as a liaison between the Writing Instruction by/for TAs (WIT) program at the University of Toronto, and the Department of Philosophy. In this role I consult and advise course instructors on syllabus and assignment design, and conduct training for WIT course TAs. In February 2020 I will run a syllabus and assignment design workshop for new (graduate student) course instructors in the Department of Philosophy.

As Tutorial Leader at the University of Toronto:

Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality (PHL103) for Alex Koo (Winter 2020)

Persons, Minds, and Bodies (PHL240) for David Barnett (Fall 2019)

Introduction to Philosophy: Persons and Values (PHL113) for Sergio Tenenbaum (Fall 2018)

Introduction to Ethics (PHL275) for Tom Hurka (Fall 2016).

Bioethics (PHL281) for Donald Ainslie (Winter 2016)

Ethics and Moral Philosophy (PHL275) for Sergio Tenenbaum (Fall 2015)

Bioethics (PHL281) for Agnes Bolinska (Summer 2015)

As Grader at the University of Toronto:

Issues in Ethics (PHL375) for Catharine Diehl (Summer 2019)

Ethics & Mental Health (PHL383) for Thomas Matthien (Winter 2019)

Philosophy in Everyday Life (PHL244) for Owen Pikkert (Winter 2019)

Environmental Ethics (PHL273) for Ashley Taylor (Winter 2015)

Environmental Ethics (PHL273) for Kyle Menken (Summer 2014)

Human Nature (PHL244) for Charles Repp (Winter 2014)

Epistemology (PHL333) for Nate Charlow (Fall 2013)

In addition to my research interests in philosophy of mind and ethics, I have teaching interests in cognitive science, bioethics, environmental ethics, epistemology and pragmatism.

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